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If you have been sentenced to serve "weekends" in jail please note the following:

1.) We must have on file a "Judgement of Conviction" order that states the exact number of days you are to serve at the Detention Center. Please bring with you any documentation you have been given.

2.) Fees per day are due at the time of booking. We can only accept cash as payment. If you do not have you fee at the time of booking you will be turned away.

3.) Please call (812-547-2441 ext. 1) prior to arriving at the Detention Center to be sure we have room for you to stay. If we do not have room, we will note that you attempted to stay. You will however still be obligated to complete your required days before the date indicated on your official Judgement of Conviction order.

4.) Please bring your medications with you. They must be in the original container, current presciptions, and prescribed to you by a licensed physician. The facility reserves the right to only allow medications approved by the Detention Center's on staff medical physician.

5.) You may bring with you two (2) softback novels to read, a white t-shirt, white socks, and white underwear. All other personal clothing will not be allowed and will be placed in your property until you leave. No bras containing metal are allowed.

6.) Park your vehicle in the front parking lot of the Detention Center or have someone drop you off. DO NOT park in the rear.

7.) Upon arrival check in with the control officer using the phone located next to the booking window in the lobby of the Detenetion Center.
Dispatch | (812) 547-7068
Tell City Police Department | (812) 547-7068
Cannelton Police Department | (812) 547-2111
Indiana State Police | (812) 482-1441
Department of Natural Resources | (317) 232-4200
Indiana Excise Police (District 5) | (812) 882-1292
FBI (Indianapolis) | (317) 595-4000
Department of Homeland Security | (800) 666-7784
Indiana Department of Correction | (317) 233-6984
Indiana Parole Board | (812) 334-3716

Circuit Judge | (812) 547-7048
Circuit Clerk | (812) 547-3741
Prosecutor's Office | (812) 547-2750
Community Corrections | (812) 547-9775
Probation Department | (812) 547-8456
Emergency Management | (812) 547-4426
Highway Department | (812) 843-3232
Commissioners and Council | (812) 547-2758

Perry County Memorial Hospital | (812) 547-7011
Health Department | (812) 547-2746
Substance Abuse Committee | (812) 204-4669
Child Protective Services | (812) 547-7055
Division of Family and Children | (812) 547-7055
Veteran's Service Office | (812) 547-2506

Perry County Animal Shelter | (812) 547-6381